Networking, HIT LIT and… stuff.

I’ve been a waste of space since utilizing the entirety of this past Tuesday writing.

Wednesday, however, I finally met up with a local group of writers through If you’re too shy to socialize with complete strangers, go check out the site and look for groups of like-minded individuals in your area.

HITLITWednesday’s meeting, essentially, was a brief overview of a book called HIT LIT: Cracking the Code of the Twentieth Century’s Biggest Bestsellers, by James W. Hall. As the title implies, the book breaks down 12 ingredients (the “code”) which appear in most literary bestsellers. Any of you aspiring authors who want to strike it big and make money off your hobby of writing… ya’ll might learn a thing or two from this book.

I’m not gonna spoil what’s between the covers though. Go down to your local library or independent book store and support authors and books—don’t expect any handouts from me (embedded links aside). The local panhandlers don’t even get my change. I need it. For Ramen.

Wednesday’s meeting was a lot more informative than I expected. I really didn’t want to go, but I forced myself to, taking to heart the repeated suggestion that prospective authors get involved in the writing community—which is fate’s hilarity in action considering so many writers claim shy introvertedness. Taking the advice to heart though, I attended the MeetUp this past Wednesday. Already, the get-involved advice is paying off. I learned a few fantastic bits of info and I also had the opportunity to join a LOCAL beta-reader group, which is awesome.

So go, Shy People of the Internet, and mingle with living writers in an environment where they could potentially rip your eyeballs out. Chances are, they won’t, and you’ll probably get something out of it to boot.

Shifting gears here for a quick side notes:

A new website called MiniMotionPictures has just been launched. It looks like they may still be looking for “film critics.” If you’re interested, hop over to their site and dig around. You might find my snobbish opinions on films over there if you go dig around. I’d definitely recommend it—there’s some awesome stuff over there and the movies are pretty short. Plus, I just think it’s cool that they’re rounding up films of that sort for one particular site.

Back to writing.
I’ve failed miserably in keeping up with my queries.
Though I could easily blame Life’s bastardly ways for my shortfalls, I really just have myself to blame.

I’m still whittling my way through QueryShark. If you need help writing a query, check that place out.

molly_ker_hawnI’m also still trying to revise my query before I send it out to Molly Ker Hawn of the Bent Agency. After doing some research on her, she seems like an excellent choice not only for the manuscript I’m submitting, but also for other projects I have in the works. What she’s looking for in Middle Grade lit is almost a perfect match for my manuscript, so I want to (once again) make the most of my query.

After doing so, I intend to continue researching more agents. And for that, I can’t thank Literary Rambles enough. If you’re looking for agents, go check them out. Quit reading this blog and just head over there.

The only negative thing I have to say about that website is that it doesn’t cooperate well with my tablet. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic resource for learning about prospective agents. One of these days, I’d love to just read through every Middle Grade agent’s info on there.

If anyone has other great sites where agent info is compiled into one place, please please please leave links in the comment section or at least do a bit of name dropping.

Otherwise, for the time being, I’m out. A lovely headache is demanding my attention, so I’m gonna quit looking at this screen and go pop some pills.


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