Daily Goals for Readers and Writers

My last few posts have begun with complaints about how busy my days are, and while I feel that still holds true, I realize there are other people out there who are a lot busier than I am. As well as more successful. I’m guessing a lot of that has to do with time management.

I’m always coming across people subtly bragging about how many books they’ve read while simultaneously finishing up work on a novel and they’re bragging about this on Twitter or in blogs or other social media that they seem to post on regularly enough that I’m starting to believe they’ve got Time Turners or a DeLorean or maybe a Piers Anthony Hour Glass. That or I’m still at a second grade reading/writing level among the John Moschitta’s of the reading/writing world.

How do these people manage so much when there’s only seven seeming hours within any given day? It could be they’re lying… after all, I label myself an avid reader (and in the eyes of the general populace there’s some truth to that label) but at the same time, I barely read (books). The bulk of my reading’s been going toward research these last few weeks and the markers jammed between dusty pages of my shelved books are moving at glacial speeds. But I do still read a couple pages here and there, usually right before blacking out for the night.

So how do these people manage so much?

Having slept for a solid eight hours for the first time in months, I got up early this morning, already drove into town, dropped off books at the library (none of which I finished), stopped by the bank to grab some cash (I always use cash unless I can’t), and hit up the grocery store. Just as soon as this post is up, I’m gonna throw in a load of week-old stinking clothes, and I’ll have roughly seven hours of silence and solitude to get some work and/or reading done.

And today, I’m going to plot it out.

Here’s my schedule.

10-11: Read through what I can of my ebook novella Shift and contemplate turning it into a manuscript—as well as editing while I read. I love the story, but it’s such an erratic ADHD mess that if you can’t follow a hundred thoughts at any given time, you may want to stay away.

11-11:30: Scratch notes about expanding Shift by half its length to make a 50k novel.

11:30-Noon: Read. (Wizard and Glass)

Noon-1: Eat, tend to clothes which no longer stink, take the dogs out, do dishes, maybe watch something short.

1-2: Read through Query Shark and other online resources regarding the writing world.

2-2:30: Look for a job, fill out an ap.

2:30-3: More reading—Wizard and Glass OR Tad Williams’ Otherland: Volume Two.

3-4: Read more SHIFT if I haven’t finished it. If I have—more work on revising it.

4-5: Work on revising my third potential novel.

I know what some of you are thinking—when do I go to work?

There’s a reason I talk about being poor. Right now, I’m currently unemployed. I live on Ramen and very cheap sandwich wraps and enough cheap coffee to lull the cries of a hungry belly into aches of a different sort. That’s also why LOOK FOR A JOB is on my schedule.

So what about you folks?

Are there people out there who literally schedule in times to read and write? I’m going to try my best to stick to this schedule today and see how it pans out.

What’s your reading/writing schedule look like?


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