QUERY SHARK! and Suzie Townsend

It’s been a rough past two days.

Between finishing up one job, looking for others, writing cover letters, filling out job aps, continuing my research into agents and agencies and keeping on top of just staying alive, my life feels ridiculous.

I stayed up well past 2am (completely sober no less) reworking my query after coming across a site called Query Shark.

If you have any intention of querying an agent, I strongly, strongly, suggest you go check out Query Shark. The articles are definite eye openers. While I plan to read through the complete archive at some point, I gained a tremendous amount of insight just from the few pages I read last night.

I’d either heard of or came across Query Shark before, but it wasn’t until last night that I hit up the page and truly gave it a read. And I’m kicking myself for not having done so earlier.

It was while researching agents that I was pointed back toward the site thanks to Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary & Media. I didn’t even visit New Leaf’s web page until after deciding to submit a query to Suzie. Rather, I came across Suzie’s blog, Confessions, and found her submissions section which pointed me to Query Shark. For this alone, I wanna praise Ms. Townsend. But she also appears to be quite helpful toward aspiring authors if you just go dig through her stuff.

Why most agents and agencies (I’ve seen) don’t point people in helpful directions right off the bat is beyond me. TriadaUS’s Writer’s Resources webpage is one of the reasons I started considering querying there—their Resources page points prospective authors toward helpful information. The agency is helping authors learn a thing or two… and people willing to help others is a huge draw for me.

No matter how great of a manuscript you may have on your hands, you might not realize how the publishing world works—when agencies point people toward helpful information, it’s a win-win. And tossing a few links up on a webpage is not difficult. I wish more people would do that.

So, after being up for 21 hours, finally getting 5 very broken hours of sleep and stumbling through my haze of existence, I finally managed wrapping up my new query and sending it off to Suzie—feeling MUCH more positive about the query.

While I won’t act so moronic as to believe it’s a perfect query, I’m feeling confident and would actually like to submit the query to Query Shark for review, but I won’t attempt that until reading through the entire archive.

The amount of online resources is still boggling to me, and I hate thinking there’s so much out there I’m missing while continuously returning to the sources I like.

What are some of your favorite writing resources? What are some of the more helpful sites you’ve come across?


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