A Writing Opportunity for YOU and My Third Rejection

Agents want pitches that stand out from the crowd… yet their rejection letters are all the same….

Good grief it’s been a busy day.

I spent a decent portion of it reworking my query and debating which agent to send my new version to. Despite my claim that I’d be researching a new agent before sending another query out, I instead debated between querying @NaughtyBrent and @UweStender at TriadaUS—both of whom I’ve had my eye on for a couple of weeks.

I gained some insight into Dr. Uwe Stender’s interests through his guest post at Middle Grade Ninja (a blog I should pay more attention to) and found some good information on Brent Taylor over at Literary Rambles (where you still have until May 16th to win a query critique from Brent—Go! Go! Go!). These are things I learned a few weeks back, but I revisited the information—as well as other sources of insight—and finally decided to go with Brent Taylor in light of the stupid deciding factor that he generally replies within 24 hours. TriadaUS as a whole is said to have a quick reply time anyway, but Brent’s 24 hour window meant not having to wait.

After receiving a from rejection letter from Brent only a few hours later, I began wondering if a quick reply time is something I should be looking to stay away from rather than flutter towards due to my own impatience. Do agents with such quick replies give query letters any more consideration than agents who take longer? It’s something I’ll be considering tomorrow when I actually have time to do some more agent research. Now that I’ve reworked my query, I can spend more time doing said research…. Yay….

Queries aside, I also wrote up another movie review today. And since my hope is to help any writers (aspiring or otherwise) in their search for success in whatever ways my uneducated ramblings can, I emailed my contact over at MiniMotionPictures.com and asked about mentioning them and any job openings here. In response, I received this:

…Although we currently have a pretty solid film critic user base, we do have openings for our blog. Our blog will be centered around a lot of different film topics ranging from “How-to’s”, to film news and information on current contests/festivals. Before you advertise for our site, it is important to realize that we only accept writers 18 years or older. I don’t know if this is an issue (not sure what age group your audience is), but it’s just something to keep in mind. Feel free to point any of them to our current email address: contact@minimotionpictures.com if they’re interested.

So there you have it. Though my job of “film critic” is (mostly) spoken for, they’re still looking blog folk to write some blogs. If you love film, love writing and are interested in putting the two together, why are you still reading this and not sending an inquiry to the email above?

According to my information, MiniMotionPictures.com will be up and running around May 15th. Hopefully it will be helpful for aspiring film students—there’s a tremendous amount of impressive work out there going under-appreciated.

That’s my update for the day. Honestly, I’m surprised I even managed to fart this post out. But I said I would I’m not one to lightly toss my word around. Besides, I wanted relay the potential opportunity over at MMP (MiniMotionPictures).

Also, don’t forget about Bret’s query critique contest

And the upcoming “The Writer’s Voice 2015” competition. Learn about it over at Brenda Drake’s Making Connections blog.

As for now, it’s time I quit slaving away and settle into some reading. Finally.


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