Second Rejection and Another Contest For Y’all

After having been gone most of last week and only posting due to a writer’s contest I’d caught wind of, I’m finally back behind my desk and hoping to get back into writing.

As this blog was meant to document my learning experiences in the world of traditional publishing, I’ll relay yet another message that seems to be floating around, readily available to uneducated folk like myself:

The publishing world moves at a glacial speed.

With this in mind, it makes sense that little has happened between my last serious post and this one.

Rebecca Strauss
Rebecca Strauss

I did, however, finally receive my second query rejection. It came from agent Rebecca Strauss of DeFiore and Company promptly after I unfollowed her on Twitter—which I still find coincidentally hilarious. Perhaps I should unfollow more agents.

Though Rebecca’s rejection letter was professionally kind, I wish she’d had more to offer regarding why she rejected me… but it’s not like I ever took time to be honest with the orphans I never adopted. Perhaps I brought this unfortunate plight upon myself. If only I’d adopted more orphans I’d have my own workforce and could even potentially have the manpower to start up a publishing agency of my own—not that I’m advocating child labor, I’m just not of the opinion children should receive an allowance for doing nothing.

In light of Ms. Strauss’s rejection I should have promptly sent out another query and updated my blog about the endeavor. A week of excessive booze consumption, food intake and caffeine overloads halted that progress however.
Now that you know why I wasn’t updating much last week, here’s what did happen—I landed a “job” as a freelance movie critic.

As a writer, this was obviously good news. Though the pay won’t be much more than enough to afford me an extra packet of Ramen a day, it’s exposure, it’s work, and it’s writing—three things which will do me and my orphan laborers well.

Getting the freelance “job” somehow cemented the idea that I should also be on the lookout for other writing “opportunities.” Now under the impression that I’m a legitimate “freelance” writer, I feel a door has been opened. Yet, I’m not such a moron as to believe that jobs will just throw themselves at me. I realize I’ll have to take the initiative to go search out said opportunities—which is what I plan to do over the next week. And if you’re hoping to write for a living, perhaps it’s good advice that you attempt looking for similar opportunities.

Over this next I week, I intend to continue researching outlets and avenues into the publishing world—including fantastic contest opportunities. As it stands, I want to be at least somewhat helpful and educational to my readers. That said, I came across yet another writing contest of sorts—this one, I trust, will be free of charge unlike the Writer’s Digest competition I posted just a few days back. Apologies to anyone who may have gotten their hopes up, thinking (like myself) that the entry would be free.

Brenda Drake – Making Connections

Over at Brenda Drake’s blog, Making Connections, there’s an article entitled, Get Pumped for The Writer’s Voice 2015, which goes into detail about an interesting opportunity to get exposure to a few agents. I’ll let the article speak for itself.

And for anyone who missed my post about Literary Rambles and their contest to win a query critique from agent Brent Taylor (TriadaUS), you can find the opportunity HERE. The deadline is May 16. I’ll try to remind everyone as that deadline approaches.

Hopefully I’ll keep this blog updated on a more regular basis over the coming week. Hopefully I’ll have some good stuff to update it with….


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