Self-Published Book Contest–HURRY!

*Update: There’s a relatively hefty entry fee of $110… good grief.
Sorry folks… went in to sign up and saw the entry fee. If you’re as poor as I am, ya don’t have that kind of cash laying around. If you’re not poor, best wishes to everyone!

If you have a self-published book, you can sign up and enter Reader’s Digest’s self-published book contest. I just got wind of this competition an hour ago and this post is nothing more than a passing along of the information!

The contest’s entry link is here and below.

I realize it’s extremely late notice, but I only now got the email myself…. Prizes include:

$8,000 in cash A feature article about you and your book for the March/April 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest A trip to the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference A press release from the Writer’s Digest editorial team, to be sent, along with a copy of your book, to 10 different major publishing review houses A guaranteed review in Midwest Book Review, courtesy of Brian Jud & Book Marketing Works, LLC. And much, much more. Too much to even list here, trust us.

If you’ve self published, it’s something to consider though time is definitely late. Good luck, everybody!


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