Film Analysis and Lit Discussion Groups?

I’ve seen a number of YouTube rants about legendary director Stanley Kubrick and his insane genius while working on a psychological level to mess with the viewer’s head or subconsciously implant ideas through intentional “goofs” or “continuity errors.”

The Shining is a prime example of this and I’ve yet to see a movie more discussed in this light than Kubrick’s version. There’s even a documentary out there called Room 237 which discusses a number of potential hidden meanings and underlying themes of the film. If you love Kubrick, his version of The Shining, or theoretical studies—check the movie out free on YouTube here (English but poor video quality) or it’s also available to watch instantly on NetFlix.

Rob Agers, of Collative Learning, analyzes a lot of film, dredging up their thematic subplots, and he’s done so with Kubrick a number of times. If you’re at all into film analysis, check out Agers’ YouTube videos and see what you think. This is the video that got me interested.

Cracked After Hours does this occasionally in a more humorous and light-hearted poke-in-the-robs sort of way while making some interesting points. And I’ve enjoyed every episode of series.

As far as film goes, studying the management of thematic elements within a film is fascinating to me. And I’ve seen a fair number of books or blogs on film discussing thematic elements. The Coen brothers (so far as I know) are about the most prolific and widely accessible film makers who work in a literary sort of way with their movies, and they utilize their medium to phenomenal ends.

But what about books?

I haven’t seen anyone tear apart books in the same way Rob Ager tears apart Kubrick films or the book The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers (Mark T. Conrad) discusses the Coen brothers. I haven’t come across people who take literary stories and give them the same treatment—not in a video format anyway. It’s always in essays or blogs or term papers.

But I’m definitely interested.

I haven’t dug around too much, but if someone can point me in any general direction, that’d be pretty sweet—I love analysis of stories.

But I also have this terrible condition where reading (even exciting page turners) puts me to sleep. Doesn’t matter how enthralled I am in the book, I can’t go more than 20-30 minutes without sleep setting in unless I have a caffeine drip hooked up to my arm’s track marks.

If someone would care to point me in the right direction, that’d be fantastic. I imagine there’re communities out there which discuss such things, I just haven’t come across them. The internet’s a vast ocean of message boards and discussion groups etc… and I could go scour it, but if anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, that’d be sweet.


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