Uwe Stender and my Stalking of him

Because I have five queries floating around out there right now, I’m waiting for that dreaded first rejection (second really since Bill Contardi is such a diligent worker) before sending out another.

In the meantime, my plans are somewhere between continuing to write and continuing to learn, though I must say, after my plunge into the massive pool of literary sites and sounds on the internet, I feel like so much of what I’m reading is rehashing the same sort of information.

But I digress—this post is about cyber stalking agents.UweStender

Dr. Uwe Stender of Triada US Literary Agency is first on my list of agents. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon Stender, yet, his name kept cropping up, so I’ve decided to seek him out.

This post is intended to relay the routes I go through, and the amount of research I’m doing. That said, if anyone who happens to read this and has other advice, expertise or suggestions, I’m am definitely open to comments. In fact, I’d soak them up like a sponge.

But let’s “get on with it.”

The first and most obvious place seems to be the agent’s HQ.

So I went to TriadaUs.com and looked around there.

The FAQ page assured me Dr. Stender’s open to “new” authors;

“…we are only interested in good writers, not in how many books they have published.” – Dr. Stender

Elsewhere, I found flattering quotes of Uwe’s human nature—which is welcoming to a newcomer like myself, though I read everything with a healthy skepticism, hoping to keep myself from becoming blindly optimistic.

TriadaUS also claims to respond to email queries within a week. Sweet.

The Writer’s Resources section of TriadaUS was minimally helpful, providing links to further information, though many of the links were down. One working link was good—an interview from Middle Grade Ninja. And though I don’t usually read comments, I found an interesting drama in the comment section of said page.

Beneath all these links were posts by Uwe Stender himself, where I found this quote,

to get my attention with a query, the writer has to catch me with a great hook and then reel me in with an error free overview that captures the story.”

After sifting through everything on TriadaUS, I did simple search for “Uwe Stender” and found some repeat information as well as new stuff.

The more interesting stuff right off the bat was QueryTracker’s comments—which were more recent information than anything else I’d yet seen. The comments on Uwe Stender’s QT page reiterated his fast response time and general good-nature, one commenter even saying that Uwe wasn’t interested, but referred the commenter to his colleague!

After scouring the web, I found a lot of links on Uwe. I spent two hours digging through posts and reading interviews and what not. I found more of the info to be Uwe’s take on how to approach the industry rather than giving me incite into Uwe’s personality and interests, but here and there I found golden nuggets of info.

Below is a brief list of the sites/links where I found info related to Uwe.

Writer’s Digest
Beanery Online Literary Magazine
Absolute Write Water Cooler
I Write for Apples
Galley Cat

These were just a few of the sites I came across with some sort of insight into Dr. Uwe Stender. Considering a migraine and rehashing of info and two hours of browsing, I’m taking a break from researching the Doctor. I’ve followed Uwe on twitter (@UweStender)—as well as Brent Taylor (@NaughtyBrent) who works under Uwe at TriadaUS. Brent Taylor has a definite presence on Twitter, though his personality doesn’t mesh with mine much—Taylor’s sitting on the “maybe check later list.”

I hope to come across more info in the days to come, but I’ll be busy tending to other, more pressing matters.


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