Fifth query, Linda Epstein, Bill Contardi, QueryTracker

I finally got my query sent out to Linda Epstein.LindaEpstein

That means I currently have 5 queries floating around out there in the nether regions of agents’ IN boxes. This marks 6 queries total but Brandt & Hochman‘s Bill Contardi, in his work-addicted swiftness, replied within minutes, kindly informing me to piss off <– that’s not true, he was kind and professional about it.

I have to thank Contardi simply for his speedy replies. If anyone ever feels the need to jump that first hurdle of rejection, Mister Contardi might be the man for you. If he’s interested in your work and doesn’t reject you, I apologize for leading you in the wrong direction.

bill-contardiIn his defense, I can already tell you I sent a query that deserved hasty deletion. I can also tell you that, if in time I continue getting rejection, I plan on hitting up mister Contardi again with a better query—he truly seems like someone I’d enjoy working with.

We’ll see how things go.

At any rate, I’ve set a personal goal of always having five queries floating around out there so long as I’m not shown interest. As soon as I get a denial, I’ll send out another. In the meantime, I’ll continue reading up on agents and attempting to work at my online presence (which until recently has been non-existent).

I also intend to insert myself into the local writer’s scene of Durango, CO where I so recently moved. I’ve already joined a MeetUp group and hope to have time for them when the next meeting occurs.

As a side note, I should add to the above that in my five queries I’ve let the agents know that my manuscript is not under consideration by anyone else at this time.
I’ve also kept a detailed list of said queried agents so that I know who has what and how long they’ve had it. If I am shown interest, I’ll duly notify whoever needs to be duly notified by promptly notifying them in a dutiful manner. That’s just professionalism, people.

As for keeping tabs on your queries, there’s a resource out there called QueryTracker which is supposed to help, and, if I listened to the instructional videos attentively enough, I believe some agents even update their info in a manner which lets you know where your query sits in their personal query queue. I’m not positive though, so don’t take my word on that.

Or on anything period.

I’m new to this writing business—that’s what this blog is all about, following the soul-crushing journey of a clueless hopeful in search of publication.

At any rate, QueryTracker may be a phenomenal resource for some folks but it’s not right for me at this time. Maybe if QueryTracker comes back with a better pitch, I’ll consider it.


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