Jabberwocky intro

As an aspiring author looking to make ends meet simply by way of stringing together a bunch of words–which is exactly how I graduated college with honors –I’m beginning this blog with the full knowledge that it’s just what aspiring writers tend to do. And evidently having a blog looks good when you’re pitching to agents looking for their next big hit. At least that’s what I’ve gathered over the past two weeks of ruthlessly sifting the web.

It’s so bizarre–every writer wants to be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling or Louis L’Amour, or Mark Z. Danielewski or Chuck Palahniuk or whoever… and that seems to be the only thing agents are looking for too. I imagine I’m wrong about that, there’s always an exception or two to the rules, but it’s just the impression I’ve gotten over the past two weeks of whole-heartedly searching for someone I might be able to work alongside with in making my collection of letters and symbols into something more than the $4.70 I’ve earned through KDP.

So… today I begin this blog. One, because I’ve never had a blog, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s writing to a bunch of people who’ll never read my rants. And Two, because I hope to document my trip from no-name aspiring author, to someone more than that. Oh, and Three, maybe along the way, I’ll learn something, make some connections and help others as well. Or something like that…

But mainly, this is actually for the TWO above–documenting my endeavors to become a published author.

Along the way, I hope to keep everyone up to date on my current readings, the agents I’m submitting to and why.


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