Eric Smith and P.S. Literary Agency

On April 12, I sent out my first ever query to Eric Smith, an agent with P.S. Literary Agency.

I was linked to P.S. Literary through Writer’s Digest, which is one of the first websites I began latching onto in my search for agents. I don’t even know what all the website has to offer—it looks like a mass of excellent, helpful material—but in all honesty, I was looking for nothing more than agents to start researching.

Chuck Sambuchino has a great page at Writer’s Digest and does “New Literary Agents Alerts” which highlight just that: New Literary Agents.

As is explained on the page, new lit agents “are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list.”

Who better to solicit than someone looking to build their client list? Yes? Yes.

Thanks to Chuck Sambuchino, I came across Kurestin Armada at P.S. Literary, but once arriving at the page, I started perusing the agency’s other agents and came across Eric Smith, who seemed a better fit not only in personality from the minimal cyber stocking I did, but in his expressed interests as well.

I’ve yet to hear back from the man, but it hasn’t even been a week yet, so who can blame him. Unfortunately for Eric, I was completely new with the process of pitching, querying and writing synopsis and probably got a load of rubbish from me. But time will tell.

As for me, I gotta go trade some sheep for wheat and build myself an empire.




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